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Back out from under a rock

Where I've been for four months:

Towards the end of last semester, I got swamped with all sorts of work related to my other classes, so I lost track of this blog, and I apologize for dropping off of a cliff. A lot has happened recently, and I hope that this update will allow you to forgive me.

At the end of the semester, I finalized my proposal for the project, which says a lot of the same things as this post, only with more words (that probably make more sense). I have uploaded the formal PDF file that I submitted as my proposal if you're more interested in the project's inner workings. You can find it here:

That proposal also went hand in hand with a poster presentation. A picture of that poster is available as well! It's in a clickable lightbox below, or you can download it by clicking this

While the general gist of the project is pretty much set in stone, the nitpicky details were still determined speculatively, as I have no idea how much the project will evolve before I present the results in the spring of 2015.

So, it is now February.

Throughout the winter months, I have been listening to a LOT of music. I have found plenty of bands and singer-songwriters making wonderful music that I never would have found without the motivation from this project. Now, all I need is their cooperation. I'm crafting a landing page for my prospective collaborators (the artists) to give them more information about what would be required of them, should they be interested in helping me. I've got a solid list of about six songs so far, and I hope to get four more "options" so that I can be sure that I'll have something to work on when summer rolls around. Unfortunately, I can't tell you which songs I'm looking at right now, but as soon as I get a finalized list of artists that have agreed to help me, I'll be sure to post my playlist(s).

In the meantime...

This semester, while I wait for artists and management to return my e-mails, I'm doing a fair bit of arrangement and production analysis to build a sort of "toolkit" for when I get to work on the songs for the project. The aim of this toolkit is to give me information to draw from should I hit a tough portion of a song, and cool tricks that I can use to make my arranging better. This analysis will mostly be driven by my faculty advisor and mentor for the project, Clay Stevenson, but I will be posting the analyses right here on 499 - The Blog. Stay tuned.