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First Contact - One Week Later

About a week ago, I sent a lot of emails to a lot of important people.

I've had my list of artists that I want to work with for over 4 months now. Up until this time last week, I was simply too afraid to send a call for help out into the blue.

I'm really glad that I sent those e-mails.

Today, just one week later, I'm thrilled to announce that Jenny Owen Youngs and Sam Genders of Diagrams have agreed to allow their songs to be a part of The Indie A Cappella Project!

Jenny's song, "Wake Up" and Sam's song "Tall Buildings" will be featured as two of the songs that I plan to arrange, record, and mix on the EP to be released next Spring!

Jenny Owen Youngs

Jenny Owen Youngs

Sam Genders

Sam Genders

Please go check out their respective websites at jennyowenyoungs.com and diagramsmusic.com.

"Wake Up" is the last song from her latest album, An Unwavering Band of Light. "Tall Buildings" is the second song from his latest album, Black Light. You can find Jenny and Sam's other work on iTunes, Amazon, or any other place that sells incredible music.