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So, I want to use your music.


I’d like to arrange “Tall Buildings” from your recent EP Black Light as one of the tracks for the project. What attracted me to this song in the first place was the catchy melody of the chorus. Not only is it a great song, the distinct layers and sections of the song will translate especially well to the a cappella genre. Too often, upbeat dance tunes get repetitive quickly, but I don’t find that to be the case here. All of the small intricacies of each section keep the song interesting, and that goes a long way towards helping me make my arrangements interesting as well. The pinpoint rhythmic accuracy of the layers is what is going to be challenging for this arrangement, but I believe that I’m well up to the task.

What do you intend to do with my music?

It's best summarized HERE, in one of my blog posts elsewhere on the website.

In short form, I'm producing a small collection of a cappella songs that I've arranged, recorded, and mixed myself. Your music will be one of the source songs that I make the arrangements out of. In terms of business and licensing, I'm doing an album of cover songs.

What makes this project special?

A lot of professional a cappella production takes place in an assembly-line fashion. One pair of singers step in front of identical microphones, sing their part, then leave. Any problems that arise are re-recorded if they can't be quickly fixed in post-production.

By taking a more in-depth approach to the recording process, and writing engaging arrangements from engaging source material, I seek to capture more of the emotion that comes from an incredible live performance, while preserving the clarity and quality that comes from a studio production.

What's in it for the artist?

I'm so glad you asked!

With your support, I plan to run a Kickstarter campaign, as you may have read in my blog post linked at the top of the page. If the Kickstarter campaign passes its goal, you (the artist) get your portion of 50% of the total funds raised. For example, at a $5000 goal, with 6 different artists, you would receive about $420.

I think that a $5000 goal is easily acheivable.

According to the Facebook likes and Twitter followers of your band and the others I'm investigating for the project, if each of the fans of each band gave $1, that's easily over $6000 for the project, and over $500 in your pocket. No questions asked.

Without your support, my job gets a lot harder. I won't be able to make the same connections with your fans as you can, so I would have a much harder time raising the money to make a truly professional production that I can share with the world. Legally, I can release an album of cover songs just like any other collegiate group can, and you will receive your due mechanical royalties for each sale. With your support and fan outreach, you'll get those mechanical royalties AND the Kickstarter proceeds if we meet our goal.

Want to help? Here's what you can do.

Simply filling out the form below lets me know that you're interested. That's honestly all that I need right now. The sooner you reply to me, the sooner I can get started with my work. You'll get updates from me every step of the way, including when other artists get on board with the project.

Still a bit skeptical?

Send me an e-mail here: spencer@spencerclarkesound.com

Or, fill out the form below.

I don't want the collaborative aspect of this project to fail. I believe that artists should be paid for their songs a lot more consistently than they are. This project emerged out of a desire to say "Thank you" to you, for making great music that has inspired me to make music of my own. I hope you'll humor me a little bit, and give it a chance.


Let me know what you think of the project, or if you have any questions for me about the process.