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I've been thinking about how I can make the Kickstarter portion of the project an optional component, and I think I've got it figured out.

Kickstarter would determine the scope of the final project's distribution. If a Kickstarter for the project fails, the project will remain completely educationally based. The final product(s) will not be released outside of the school without extra permission from the artists.

  • If someone wanted to use a song that they solo'ed on for a demo reel, that could be fair use.
  • If artists were willing, we could release individual songs as singles from the project

If the Kickstarter IS funded, then the scope gets much larger.

  • I get permission from the artist(s) to release the project as a derivative works collection on iTunes/Spotify/Amazon
  • Mechanical usage rights handled by 3rd party company (Too much maintenance work for a student venture)
  • Product goes to duplication as CD's will be a backer bonus
  • Stretch goals can allow me to pay for a better-quality final product, including paying myself!