Spencer Clarke Sound

Engineer and Editor, for Music and Post

"An Afternoon Visitor"

My growth as a filmmaker

Before this class, I don't think that I ever would have called myself a filmmaker, and to an extent, I don't think I would call myself one now, but I will say that I don't think I'll ever watch films in the same way ever again. As the semester went on, I became more and more aware of the things that were going on behind the scenes; the things that make films look, sound, and feel the way that they do.

Having never really spent much time with photo or video equipment before this class (outside of DMC of course,) I really felt like I was thrown right into the deep end in terms of the cinematic process. I never really thought to examine how different film mediums can affect the narrative process, I never thought about the fact that in a documentary, you don't get to choose how your story is going to play out. When I say awareness, what I really mean is awe; I never realized, before this class, how many pitfalls there can be in the production process, and how hard it really can be to make a good film of any genre. There are so many different factors that must all come together in the exact way that the production team intends, otherwise the film starts to fall apart.

When choosing classes for this past semester, I had the choice of taking Editing the Moving Image or Cinema Production. My friends told me that Cinema Production was a more all-around filmmaking experience, while Editing was just that: lots and lots of editing. I thought that the two were mutually exclusive for my purposes as a music major, so I opted for the more all-around experience, not realizing how much work it would be to keep my life together with the load of all of the projects. I don't regret the extra work one bit. While I had to learn a lot of the technical elements of film on the fly, I learned a lot more about the intangible parts of the filmmaking process because of it. I think that it's the unteachable skills, gained by doing, that really measure the worth of an educational experience in a hands-on class such as this, and I have found this semester's experience priceless.